Apply for EU Blue Card Netherlands

A work and residence permit for non-EU employees in the Netherlands

Main requirements

Minimum salary of € 6,245 gross per month
Bsc. - equivalent 3 year diploma
IND sponsorship status NOT required!

Check out our in-depth blog article for more information

How we get your EU Blue Card Netherlands

Your EU Blue Card Netherlands application in eight steps!

Step 1

We make sure you meet all the requirements. Check this article for more background info.

Step 2

If you have a foreign diploma, we make sure you get it verified at IDW.

Step 3

We file your EU Blue Card application and make your IND appointment, before you arrive.

Step 4

We make sure you obtain a valid temporary residence permit (MVV) if required.

Step 5

You migrate to the Netherlands.

Step 6

Go to the appointment at the IND to pick up your residence endorsement sticker and drop off your biometrics.

Step 7

Make an appointment at your Dutch Municipality to obtain your BSN number.

Step 8

Your application is complete. Expect your EU Blue Card in 5-8 weeks.

Your EU Blue Card Netherlands application is complete!

Basic information EU Blue Card Netherlands

Employment requirements

Documents required

Status of Family

Duration of Blue Card

Dutch citizenship

30% ruling

IND Sponsorship status (erkend referentstatus)

Status of a foreign EU Blue Card

Already residing in the Netherlands

Additional costs to consider